Cyber underwriting specialists, combining insurance expertise with artificial intelligence-driven cyber risk modelling


Who we are



Insurance Natives

Our executive team brings decades of experience in cyber underwriting, risk management, reinsurance structuring, insurance linked-securities, and investment banking.


Global Technology Innovators

Envelop team members have earned global recognition for innovations in artificial intelligence, cyber security software, algorithm development, defense technology, and complex system design. 


The Right Products for the Market

We believe in growth through removing industry barriers, exploiting niches, and leveraging partnerships. It’s not only about the best technology, it is about the right technology for the market.


The Mission

cyber risk is complex, adaptive, and sentient...but it is not random. we strive to be the best at applying cutting-edge analytics and data collection to demystify and quantify the cyber economy.   


The Technology

Our artificial intelligence–enabled modeling and simulation tools characterize cyber risk as a dynamic system, using economic, technical, and behavioral inputs. We emphasize forecasts based on temporal correlation. Envelop applies an augmented intelligence approach, combining data-driven predictions with cyber and underwriting expertise.  


Economic Analysis

The cyber ecosystem is an economy; a human system where attackers and defenders respond to incentives, and where outputs are measures in costs. Our model accounts for hundreds of financial and economic features, over more than 600,000 companies globally. 

Cyber Analytics

The Envelop model combines analysis of attacker tactics and trends, external cyber posture analysis, and social media data; providing insight into attackers, insiders, targets, and defenses. 

Insurance Pricing

Underwriters and actuaries inform system design; the model outputs metrics for insurance product design and pricing, enabling customization and ongoing innovation.

Human Expertise

Advanced AI tools allow Envelop analysts to process massive amounts of data and quantify what is important and what is not; often generating novel insights. 


Analytics | Underwriting | Capital Markets




Reinsurance Underwriting

Envelop’s experienced reinsurance underwriting team, combined with modeling and simulation tools to understand aggregations and systemic risks, provide risk transfer and pricing capability to reinsurers and ILS funds seeking to deploy capital into cyber reinsurance markets.

Insurance Product Development & Underwriting

Envelop bridges insurance and cyber security by developing and underwriting custom insurance products for cyber security software and services firms to offer their clients. We bring insurance closer to the risk, and we enable security providers to provide full assurance to their clients.