Data-driven cyber underwriting

Augmented intelligence powered by advanced analytics

Reinsurance reimagined

Envelop is building a highly functional, sustainable, scalable cyber insurance ecosystem with our clients and partners.

Envelop combines advanced cyber reinsurance structuring capabilities with proprietary in-house analytics.

We offer custom reinsurance driven by an unmatched modelling capability.

White Label Solutions

Peace of mind for you and your customers in a digital age

Cyber is a rapidly growing business area driven by digitisation and its inherent threats.  In nearly every country in the world, cyber insurance products are essential to serving corporate and SME clients.

Envelop provides the technology, tools, and reinsurance capacity to launch and refine cyber insurance solutions that meet local market needs, for both personal and commercial lines.  We work with leading insurers and brokers to enable them offer cyber insurance to their clients.

Underwrite cyber risk responsibly and profitably.

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Combining human and artificial intelligence

Augmented underwriting

Combining human and artificial intelligence for optimum predictive decisions

Augmented intelligence is the art and science of combining human expertise with data-driven insights, and it outperforms any other method of prediction. It is an essential approach for understanding our complex world, as both expertise and quantitative analytics have their complementary strengths.

Our augmented intelligence approach prioritises comprehensive data and advanced analytics, and seeks minimal reliance on theory for simplification.  Across a holistic view of the overall cyber ecosystem system, particularly in areas where data is incomplete or unreliable, we deploy structured, validated, human expertise. The results are reliable predictions of how the cyber ecosystem will evolve, adapt, and respond to shocks. Top cyber underwriters are then able to further contextualise these insights and apply them to make better underwriting decisions for our clients.

Envelop helps insurers around the global utilise our technology while backing them with reinsurance capacity.  This is precisely the confluence of risk quantification and capacity required to grow our industry sustainably.

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