Envelop Risk is a cyber specialist, offering value-added partnerships. We deploy underwriting and technology expertise to foster long-term relationships with our partners.

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Envelop risk product offereings
Envelop Risk - highly rated capacity
Highly rated
reinsurance capacity
Envelop risk - custom multi layer reinsurance structures
Custom multi-layer
Highly responsive client focused underwriters
Highly responsive,
Insurance linked securities solutions
securities solutions
Envelop risk - technology support for primary underwriting
Technology support
for primary
underwriting operations
Envelop Risk proprietary cyber risk model
Analytics support
for strategy
and portfolio
Envelop Risk custom pricing tools
Unique pricing
tools to enable
better underwriting

Our cyber reinsurance products

Envelop is the leading reinsurer for diverse product offerings, combining:

Quota share (QS)

Stop loss (SL)

Aggregate stop loss (AXL)

Risk excess of loss (Risk XOL)

Line size and appetite

Maximum line on any program – $50M

No un-capped programs

Will require full named risk bordereau

Cyber reinsurance and retrocession

ILW and other parametric structures

Envelop Cyber Reinsurance

Envelop Risk Global cyber reinsurersEnvelop Risk Global cyber reinsurers
Global insurers seeking reinsurance to transfer risk
Envelop Risk proprietary cyber risk modelEnvelop Risk proprietary cyber risk model
Using proprietary model, Envelop provides an independent view of loss scenarios and trends on the portfolio level
Envelop risk - custom multi layer reinsurance structuresEnvelop risk - custom multi layer reinsurance structures
Envelop recommends custom reinsurance structures, tailored to risk and strategy
Envelop Risk - Highly rated reinsurance capacityEnvelop Risk - Highly rated reinsurance capacity
The contract is bound on a highly rated paper through Envelop’s capacity partners

Global expertise

Envelop Risk Global reach
24 Countries represented among clients
Envelop risk insureds
1.5m insureds across our portfolio
Envelop Risk calculations
10 trillion calculations per simulation